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Facilitating Connections within
the Science-to-Business process

  • We Connect actors from the diverse ecosystems engaged in the Science-to-Business process;

  • We Connect business teams of science-based ventures with experienced professionals from all over Europe, interested to support them as mentors or advisors;

Why we connect

  • To open up the path for  new collaborations;

  • To share insights;

  • To disrupt perceptions and to challenge mindsets

Using Mobile Phones
Parallel Lines

Whom we connect

  • Scientists in academia with Scientists in corporate R&D;

  • Scientists with Business professionals;

  • Scientists with Business founders;

  • Science-based venture teams of diverse areas;

  • Scientists with advisors and consultants;

  • Scientists, founders or R&D related professionals from infant ecosystems to those in mature ecosystems

How we connect

  • Curated Networking

  • Tech Transfer Meet-ups

  • Partnership Mix-Ups

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