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Passion Led Us Here

The Initiative

Sci-2-Biz (Science-2-Business) is an initiative of  AELIA lab  in order to provide specialized capacity building for the Science-2-Business process (tech-transfer-specific learning & development). AELIA lab set up the Sci-2-Biz initiative in order to contribute in the necessary capacity building of research organizations and organizations with R&D activity, for enhanced performance in technology transfer and science-based innovation development.

Within the framework of the Sci-2-Biz initiative, AELIA lab designs and/or implements capacity building projects with tech-transfer- specific learning & development for  specific research organizations or companies.

AELIA lab sets up project-specific teams of "Sci-2-Biz instructors" out of the pool of its selected mentors & collaborating professionals. Each project is carried out under the coordination and of the experienced AELIA managing team. The Sci-2-biz instructors are professionals of various professional fields, with corporate, freelance or entrepreneurial careers who  share a passion for technology transfer, science-based innovation development and the challenging Science-to-Business process.

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